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Recruitment & Selection Services

  • Pakistan Institute of Management Recruitment Services help clients in attracting, selecting, retaining, galvanizing and developing Human Capital. PIM Recruitment Services team consist of multi-talented professionals to ensure hiring of right talent in the organization.
  • We employ effective procedures for searching, recruiting and scrutinizing applicants according to the clients’ requirements. We, at Pakistan Institute of Management provide cost efficient and quality effective recruitment services to help our clients overcome organizational challenges in staffing and in adding to their business value.
  • Our recruitment services utilize latest tools and techniques like aptitude tests, psychometric assessments, personality profiling tools, group discussions, in-depth interviews, etc. Our recruitment services ranges from hiring for a single position to hiring a group of professionals.
  • We operate at national level with a head office in Karachi and branch offices in Lahore and Islamabad with all required resources to undertake recruitment activities.

Please contact : recruitment@pim.com.pk