Pakistan Institute of Management in collaboration with Global Management Consultants (UAE) have arranged a seminar on “Everything DiSC Workplace”. 

What is DISC® ?

 At its most basic, DISC® is a way of describing a person’s behavior, and using this knowledge, being able to predict how they are likely to act in the future. By answering a simple questionnaire, DISC® creates a behavioral profile or assessment of the individual.

The result is an easy to understand system of visual diagrams and textual analysis in non-judgmental language that provides the user with a host of details regarding their approach to work.

The DISC® behavioral reports show you your natural behavioral style (how you intrinsically operate) and also your adapted behavioral style (how you respond to the demands of the environments). With this information we can see where your strengths are not being leveraged, and the underlying causes of stress for you.


Who should attend?

  •  Executives and HR personnel of corporations
  • Entrepreneurs looking for a competitive edge
  • Small business owners looking to better serve their clients and customers
  • Professional coaches who want to quickly identify their clients’ strengths and challenges to move them forward faster
  • Independent Consultants and Trainers who want to create programs and trainings that result in maximum effectiveness.
  • Any individual who is interested in personal development and gaining insight about themselves and others.