This study is an attempt to assess and report on the reading habits of managers in Pakistan. This study is based on the assumption that reading habits have declined and changed drastically in Pakistan.

The study was conducted during June 2004 to February 2005 wherein respondents were asked to fill out a survey form. Two methods were used to elicit responses. Firstly, a total of 5,435 questionnaires were mailed to managers who attended training programs at PIM from 2002 onwards; of these 1,011 completed questionnaires were received. Secondly, the survey questionnaire was given to 2,119 managers attending PIM courses within the survey period. A total of 3,130 managers filled out and returned the questionnaire of which 2,842 were male managers and 283 were female managers.

Demographics: The data was analyzed on the following demographic characteristics: age, experience, gender, job/function and management levels. The study also presents analyses based on organizational and business sectors.

Hypotheses: The main hypothesis adopted for this study is that “Reading habits of managers in Pakistan are in decline”. To validate this assumption, hypotheses test were made and on the basis of hypotheses test results, it was concluded that reading habits of managers have not declined:

  • A high proportion of managers declared that their reading habit has  increased versus those who declared that it has decreased.
  • A high proportion of managers in the 2005 survey declared that they read more on a daily basis as compared to managers in the 1995 survey.
  • A high proportion of managers in the 2005 survey declared that they prefer to read chapters/articles of page length more than nine pages as compared to the 1995.

Interestingly, this study disproves the hypothesis that “books are the main reading source for Pakistani managers”, as a high proportion of managers prefer to read from newspapers as compared to those who read from books (for details refer to chapter 4).

Overall preferences of respondents: Given below are the overall findings of the preferences of respondents. The other significant findings based on demographic characteristics like gender, management level, organization sector, age, experience, job/function and business sector are given in the respective portions in this report (for details refer to chapter 5 – 12).

General Information on Reading Habits

–         84.7% managers read to learn or to acquire knowledge/information.

–         84.9% managers prefer to read in English.

–         75.6% managers list newspapers as their first preference for a reading source.

–         32.5% managers read up to 30 minutes at a stretch.

–         88.5% managers prefer to read at home.

–         59.4% managers prefer to read at night.

Reading of Books/Journals/Magazines/Publications

–         60.4% managers prefer to read professional books, journals, magazines and other publications.

–         39.5% managers prefer to read books, journals, magazines and other publications on the topic of general management.

–         38.8% read books on a need basis.

–         6.4% managers prefer to read the Time whereas 43.9% prefer other professional journals/magazines/publications.

–         73.3% managers prefer to read articles and chapters from books.

–         26% managers read up to 3 pages of a book in a reading session.

–         84.6% managers read because the topic/materialhasrelevance to their need or job.

–         53.6% managers say the titles/captions of articles influence their choice.

Newspaper Reading

–         71.9% of the managers, who prefer to read English newspapers, read the Dawn.

–         64.8% of the managers, who prefer to read Urdu newspapers, read the Jang.

–         70% managers prefer to read newspapers daily.

–         85.6% managers prefer to read only the headlines of newspapers.

–         67.4% managers prefer to read classified/advertisements portions.

§                      Of the managers who prefer to read classified/advertisements, 42.2% read them on a need basis.

§                      Of the managers who prefer to read classified/advertisements, 49.7% managers read the job section.

Internet Usage and Reading

–         82% managers use the Internet.

–         59.8% managers prefer to use the Internet at home.

–         41.3% managers use the Internet daily.

–         32.9% managers use the Internet for a maximum of up to 30 minutes.

–         43.2% managers use the Internet for reading news.

–         32% managers prefer to read material/information related to general management.

–         28.9% managers prefer to read the Dawn on the Internet.

–         6.7% managers prefer to read the Khaleej Times on the Internet.

–         68.3% managers did not reply to the question regarding reading of any international newspaper on the Internet.

–         2.7% managers prefer to read the Time on the Internet.

–         65.6% managers did not reply to the question regarding reading of any professional journals/ magazines/ publications on the Internet.

Reading in Office

  • Memos/Letters

–         21.6% managers spend a maximum time up to 10 minutes on reading memos and letters in office.

  • Reports

       –         18.3% managers spend a maximum time of more than 60 minutes on reading reports in office.

  • Proposal/Quotations

      –         14.9% managers spend a maximum time up to 30 minutes on reading proposals/quotations in office.

  • Articles/Brochures

     –         16.5% managers spend up to 10 minutes on reading articles/brochures in office.

  • 53.7% managers feel that they spend about the righttime in office on reading.
  • 40.1% managers feel that with the passage of time their reading habit has increased.

Self-assessment of Reading Habit