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Starting Date: April 04, 2017

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Supply Chain Management represents a significant change in how most organizations view themselves. Traditionally, firms view themselves as having customers and suppliers. Historically, a firm did not consider the potential for either its supplier or its customer to become a partner. In many industries each firm was very competitive with its suppliers and customers, fearing they would be taken advantage of by them.

The power of supply chain management is its potential to include the customers and suppliers as partners in supplying the goods or services provided by a supply chain.

Supply Chain has been defined as the processes from the initial raw materials to the ultimate consumption of the finished product linking across supplier-user companies. Supply Chain Management (SCM), therefore is the design, maintenance, and operation of supply chain processes for satisfaction of end user needs.



The program gives the participants an excellent familiarization with concepts and techniques in the subject and the material is based on a body of knowledge that has evolved over the past 50 years. The program is organized with a strong emphasis on management of business logistics, which is the basic foundation for the subject.

After completing the program, the participants will strengthen their knowledge of supply chain management and the program of studies will provide knowledge that can be used in their work environment. It will also provide a basis for further study leading to National/International certification

Participant evaluation includes weekly performance checks of class work, readings, and homework; three hourly examinations; a final examination; and presentations on case studies.

The program of studies for the Diploma in Supply Chain Management will cover:

  • Introduction to Supply Chain Management
  • The Management of Business Logistics
  • Introduction to Supply Chain Operations Reference Model (SCOR)
  • Use of Information Technology for supply Chain


Professional working in materials management, physical distribution and logistics areas or those professional who need to understand how their job affects the production and on-time delivery of products to customers.

Participants in the Diploma Program are typically involved in one or more of the following areas: planning, manufacturing control, inventory control, physical distribution and logistics.


The program is of four-month duration. Classes will be conducted twice a week (Tuesday/Thursday) in the evening from 6.00pm to 9.00pm.


The fee for the entire program is Rs.39,000/-.


Last Date of Submission of Form & Fee April 03, 2017
Commencement of Classes April 04, 2017
Week Days Tuesday & Thursday




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