Venue: PIM Lahore
Starting Date: Dec 11, 2016

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Purpose: This diploma intends to Promote Understanding and Vision Broadening about Islamic Banking and Economic System. The objective is to prepare experts in the discipline, well-acquainted with the conventional banking operations and Shariah commands in financial matters so as to meet the demands of quickly expanding markets for Islamic banking, domestically and across the borders.

Course Outline:

  • Legacy of trade and business – Rise of Islamic Economics in the early 7th century
  • An overview of Islamic Banking & Finance at home and abroad
  • Islamic Economic System & comparative analysis of different economic systems
  • Capitalism, Communism and Islamic Economic system
  • Earlier Islamic Economic System– without banks and the absence of Interest (Riba)
  • Behavior of Factor of production in different economic systems
  • Definition and Types of Riba
  • Prohibition of Riba, Economic and Social Rationale
  • Islamic prohibitions on Business and Finance- Gharar, Excessive Risk
  • Money, Commodity Money, Paper Money, Time Value of Money & Islamic Finance
  • Different Modes of Islamic Banking and Finance
  • Sukuk and Takafal
  • Islamic Banks and their promotion strategy
  • Global Financial Crisis and Islamic Banking


Bankers, Islamic bankers, Teachers of Islamic Finance, Students pursuing Degrees in Banking &Finance/Commerce and (4) Knowledge Seekers of Islamic Banking and Finance


Sat 6 PM to 9 PM

Sun 10.30 AM to 1.30 PM

Learning Investment:

Rs. 36000 (Lump sum for four Months)

Important Dates

Last Date of Submission of Form & Fee Dec 08, 2016
Commencement of Classes Dec 11, 2016
Days Saturday & Sunday




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